Overspray Removal

Overspray is any airborne contaminant, usually from the result of painting projects or industrial fallout that is capable of blowing and landing on any surface, such as your vehicle. Although most people define Overspray in conjunction with paint and industrial fallout, overspray can also include bugs and road tar. Having Overspray on your vehicle prohibits sealants and waxes to penetrate the clear coat, which means less protection from the elements of the earth, such as sun, rain, etc.. Overall, having overspray on your vehicle can be harmful to your paints finish.

Examples include:

  • Paint Overspray
  • Rail Dust
  • Stains and Varnishes
  • Artillery Fungus
  • Welder's Ash
  • Concrete
  • Tar and Sap
  • Vandalism
  • Industrial Fall Out

We've seen some bad stuff. This blue Saturn pictured here is an example of "worst case". Not all examples are quite as visually noticeable. In many instances the contaminant is almost invisible, but rough to the touch. Causing your paint to retain water and further damage. At Ceramic Pro Charlotte, we first evaluate the problem and then determine the best course of action. We have many different ways to take care of the problem depending on the severity. Because each correction is unique based on the severity, length of time exposed, and material ;a physical evaluation is required to quote cost and time involved in the removal. Your evaluation is free, and we are happy to provide written estimates to your insurance company as needed.

In all cases it is better to remove the contaminants as soon as possible to avoid further paint issues . All Overspray Removal Packages will also include an exterior detail which will both polish and wax the exterior as well as dress the tires and clean exterior glass.

Before Overspray Removal

Before Overspray Removal

After Overspray Removal

After Overspray Removal
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